Living a life of purpose has always called to my soul. 

After undergoing my own spiritual transformation nearly a decade ago, I committed my days to understanding the profound mysteries of life and using those lessons to serve others.

My journey has taken me from the beaches of Malaga to mountain villages of Armenia, seeking wisdom from diverse cultures and the great men of the world. 

Through it all, my passion for empowering men and unlocking their gifts has only grown stronger.

As a husband, I recognize the importance of connection, and what a man is capable of when he has someone he’s willing to fight for. 

As a father, nothing gives me greater joy than nurturing the hearts and minds of men. 

I’m Pat, founder and head honcho of the Centered Man Blueprint.

As a mentor, I find meaning in guiding others through difficulties with compassion. 

And as a writer, my goal is igniting inspiration through timely messages of strength, vulnerability and hope.

Today, I channel all I've learned as the founder of the Centered Man Blueprint and Centered Man Brotherhood as my legacy so I can die full, knowing that I’ve contributed in a small way to making the world a better place. 

My teachings draw from the Karma Yoga tradition of the Bhagavad Gita.

Through individual coaching, group courses and worldwide workshops, my mission is reconnecting men with their purpose and unleashing their potential for meaningful relationships and abundant living.

I firmly believe that once a man truly witnesses his greatness, everyone he touches gets impacted for the better… like a dry and scorched land coming back to life after rain and sun.

Give. Love. Serve.