Just Imagine Confidently Creating Connections Absolutely Anywhere, And Finally Attracting Your Soulmate.

✅  Just imagine feeling reborn…

✅  Having an incredible woman to come home to after a tough day…

✅  Feeling confident, empowered and like you’re building a life again…

✅  Jumping out of bed like when you’re a kid because real life is FINALLY better than your dreams… 

✅  Having someone who gets you, giggles with you, spends time with you, travels with you… 

✅  Someone you can enjoy your success with.

✅  Someone who smiles from ear to ear as you talk, and dreams of the future with you (and only you!)

So how do you get there?

“Interacting with the world is becoming more and more effortless since working with Patrick. I recently met a woman two years younger than me, and the whole process was so nice and simple. I can’t believe this kind of thing is happening to me… I never thought it would be possible for someone like me who felt like he would always struggle with women during his life.” 

- Jamie, 

39, Startup founder, Bern, Switzerland

“Hey Patrick, it's only been a few weeks since we wrapped up our coaching, and things are starting to get interesting. I can see how, once momentum with all this builds up, it really takes on a life of its own. Women are responding quite differently to me now, and I don’t even feel like I’m trying. Plus, I just started dating one of the most gorgeous, cultured, feminine women I ever met. She has guys hitting on her ALL the time, but she told me she feels nothing for them because she feels such a strong connection between us.”

- Nils, 

27, marketing account manager, Nuremberg, Germany

“Patrick, I felt the need to say thank you. Some crazy stuff has been happening ever since I started feeling myself as a strong, centered man with the help of your coaching. I’ve noticed that I feel more at ease in my body, social situations are a breeze, and believe it or not a couple of women have thanked me for being present with them when we spend time together. Now I have multiple beautiful women wanting to spend time with me (that’s a first). It's like nothing I've ever experienced. I feel so fortunate to have worked with you.”

- Paul, 

58, lawyer, Edinburgh, UK

Who Am I

I’m Pat, founder and head honcho of the Centered Man Blueprint.

Living a life of purpose has always called to my soul. 

After undergoing my own spiritual transformation nearly a decade ago, I committed my days to understanding the profound mysteries of life and using those lessons to serve others.

My journey has taken me from the beaches of Malaga to mountain villages of Armenia, seeking wisdom from diverse cultures and the great men of the world. 

Through it all, my passion for empowering men and unlocking their gifts has only grown stronger.

As a father, nothing gives me greater joy than nurturing the hearts and minds of men. 

As a mentor, I find meaning in guiding others through difficulties with compassion. 

And as a writer, my goal is igniting inspiration through timely messages of strength, vulnerability and hope.

Guiding Men Back To Their Hearts

I Help Successful Men Overcome Anxiety, Stress And Lack Of Self-Love So They Can Have Incredible Relationships

200+ Successful Marriages & Relationships

1500+ Community Of Men

27+ Countries Served

Mission: Serve 1 Million Men

How Long Will You Sleepwalk Through Life?

Brothers, how long will we sleepwalk through insignificant lives devoid of meaning while our souls perish from lack of cause? 

How many more suns will set on wasted days, as our forefathers watch yet more rudderless men abandon the mantle of authentic masculinity?

Rise now - the pulse of destiny calls!

You were made for more than this. There are adventures to be had, women to swoon, souls to uplift.

This world screams for men of vision and grit.

Greatness awaits. 

Loneliness is ruining their lives…

Modern dating culture has poisoned them…

Many have been seen as the ‘nice guy’ that finishes last all their lives…

Many are getting out of a bad divorce and don’t know how to pick up the pieces…

They don’t want to have to choose between being a doormat, becoming a sleezy pickup artist, or an Andrew Tate wannabe. 

They want to meet someone in real life and have a connection… not endlessly swipe right on an app!

Most Men Live Lives Of Quiet Desperation:

Let's Get Real For A Minute

Many good men are feeling this way because they’ve lost sight of who they are as a man, what their values are, and what their mission is.

And as a result, the women in their lives can’t feel the pull of conviction they crave in a man so that when they look up, they see a real man. A balanced man. A man of integrity they can rely on and build a life with.

And the only way to reconnect to that Centered Man deep inside is by walking toward the fire, by facing your fears, and finding out who you really are. 

Ferrum Ferro Acuitur - Iron is shaped by iron.

The R.O.W Method Is The Answer

I will guide you to obliterate your anxiety, amplify your self-esteem, command your ideal lifestyle, and unlock the secrets to true love… Without years in therapy, even if your past is riddled with failed relationships

Step 1. Relax.

Step 2. Offer Love

Step 3. Walk Your Path

Overhaul your sense of Self and get rooted in your masculine core.

Give to the world whatever you feel is being withheld from you. Who can resist a man who loves himself, loves life and loves love itself?

Craft a crystal clear vision for yourself, find your Dharma, root yourself in your values, set firm boundaries, and live a life of adventure with no apology. 

Here’s What People Are Saying

Today, I channel all I've learned as the founder of the Centered Man Blueprint and Centered Man Brotherhood as my legacy so I can die full, knowing that I’ve contributed in a small way to making the world a better place. 

My teachings draw from the Karma Yoga tradition of the Bhagavad Gita.

Through individual coaching, group courses and worldwide workshops, my mission is reconnecting men with their purpose and unleashing their potential for meaningful relationships and abundant living.

I firmly believe that once a man truly witnesses his greatness, everyone he touches gets impacted for the better… like a dry and scorched land coming back to life after rain and sun. 

Give. Love. Serve.